Attending the Congress will empower you to bring hypnosis-derived techniques into your practice — no matter what your clinical orientation.

At the December Congress in Phoenix, attendees will learn from those who studied directly with Erickson and others who were influenced by his contributions. Registrants will have the opportunity to learn methods derived from hypnosis that can be used to empower any form of treatment to which the practitioner subscribes by attending workshops, panels and live demonstrations. This Congress is guaranteed to improve your practice and enjoyment of health/mental health practice.

Earn up to 43 Continuing Education credits. Learn more here.

The Congress begins in

205Days 12H 56M 34S
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Directive Therapy
Family Therapy
Feedback Informed Treatment
Impact Therapy
Improvisational Therapy
Psychosocial Genomics
Nature Guided
Neurobiological Orientations
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Possibility Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
Strategic Psychotherapy
Ego-State Therapy
Sports Psychology
Child and Adolescent Treatment
Cross Cultural Approaches

Presenting at the December 2019 Erickson Congress

Robert Dilts
Roxanna Erickson
Stephen Gilligan
Steve Lankton
Scott Miller
Bill O’Hanlon
and Michael Yapko
Invited Faculty
Jorge Abia
Helen Adrienne
Ronald Alexander
Connirae Andreas
Marilia Baker
Norma Barretta
Rubin Battino
John Beahrs
Consuelo Casula
Carolyn Daitch
Tamer Dovucu
Joseph Dowling
John Dye
Ricardo Feix
Jeffrey Feldman
Neil Fiore
Douglas Flemons
Invited Faculty
Steve Frankel
Teresa Garcia-Sanchez
Brent Geary
Eric Greenleaf
Bruce and Birgitta Gregory
Woltemade Hartman
Michael Hoyt
Carol Kershaw
Richard Landis
John Lentz
Camillo Loriedo
Lynn Lyons
Rob McNeilly
Rick Miller
Joyce Mills
Donald Miretsky
Michael Munion
Rafael Nunez
Invited Faculty
Marc Oster
Jane Parsons-Fein
Maggie Phillips
Wendel Ray
Michele Ritterman
Teresa Robles
Ernest Rossi
Kathryn Rossi
Gary Ruelas
Gunther Schmidt
Robert Schwarz
Dan Short
Susy Signer-Fischer
Albina Tamalonis
Bernard Trenkle
Bill Wade
and Reid Wilson
Short Courses
Stefanie Badenhorst
Bob Bertolino
Dale Bertram
Mike Rankin
Jimena Castro
José Cava
Mauro Cozzolino
Maria Escalante de Smith
Bette Freedson
Joanne Ginter
Tobi Goldfus
Christine Guilloux
Kevin Hall
Tim Hallbom
Stefan Hammel
Virgil Hayes
Richard Hill
Rachel Hott
Wei Kai Hung
Julio Juanes Rubert
Anita Jung
Short Courses
James Keyes
Amethyst (Broomand) Kiani
Paul Leslie
Patrick McCarthy
Clifton Mitchell
Bardia Monshi
Gabriele Peacock
Susan Pinco
Carlos Ramos
Mitra Rashidian
Michael Reiter
Joseph Sestito
Terry Soo-Hoo
Laurence Sugarman
Malvina Tsounaki
Bart Walsh
Claudia Weinspach
Ilene Wolf
Robert Wubbolding
Jing Xu
Foojan Zeine

The Erickson Congress is a tradition that has advanced the practice of psychotherapy globally. Erickson and his students have been tireless innovators who have developed strategic therapy, interactional therapy, NLP, mind-body approaches, family therapy, solution-focused therapy, possibility therapy, hypnotherapy, self-relations therapy and others.
Erickson Genealogy