Erickson Congress 2019

The Thirteenth Erickson Congress will be held
December 12th – 15th, 2019
at the Hyatt Regency in Phoenix, Arizona.

Milton Erickson

234Days 07H 18M 57S

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Empowers you to bring hypnosis-derived techniques into your practice—no matter what your clinical orientation.

At the December Congress in Phoenix, attendees will learn from those who studied directly with Erickson and others who were influenced by his contributions. Registrants will have the opportunity to learn methods derived from hypnosis that can be used to empower any form of treatment to which the practitioner subscribes by attending workshops, panels and live demonstrations. This Congress is guaranteed to improve your practice and enjoyment of health/mental health practice.

Presenting at the December 2019 Erickson Congress


  • Robert Dilts
  • Roxanna Erickson
  • Stephen Gilligan
  • Steve Lankton
  • Scott Miller
  • Bill O’Hanlon
  • and Michael Yapko

Invited Faculty

  • Jorge Abia
  • Helen Adrienne
  • Ronald Alexander
  • Connirae Andreas
  • Marilia Baker
  • Norma Barretta
  • Rubin Battino
  • John Beahrs
  • Consuelo Casula
  • Carolyn Daitch
  • Tamer Dovucu
  • Joseph Dowling
  • John Dye
  • Ricardo Feix
  • Jeffrey Feldman
  • Neil Fiore
  • Douglas Flemons
  • Steve Frankel
  • Teresa Garcia-Sanchez
  • Brent Geary
  • Eric Greenleaf
  • Bruce and Birgitta Gregory
  • Woltemade Hartman
  • Michael Hoyt
  • Carol Kershaw
  • Richard Landis
  • John Lentz
  • Camillo Loriedo
  • Lynn Lyons
  • Rob McNeilly
  • Rick Miller
  • Joyce Mills
  • Donald Miretsky
  • Michael Munion
  • Rafael Nunez
  • Marc Oster
  • Jane Parsons-Fein
  • Maggie Phillips
  • Wendel Ray
  • Michele Ritterman
  • Teresa Robles
  • Ernest Rossi
  • Kathryn Rossi
  • Gary Ruelas
  • Gunther Schmidt
  • Robert Schwarz
  • Dan Short
  • Susy Signer-Fischer
  • Albina Tamalonis
  • Bernard Trenkle
  • Bill Wade
  • and Reid Wilson
“Concerning psychotherapy, most therapists overlook a basic consideration. Man is characterized not only by mobility but by cognition and by emotion, and man defends his intellect emotionally. No two people necessarily have the same ideas, but all people will defend their ideas whether they are psychotically based or personally based. When you understand how man really defends his intellectual ideas and how emotional he gets about it, you should realize that the first thing in psychotherapy is not to try to compel him to change his ideation, rather you go along with it and change it in a gradual fashion and create situations wherein he himself willingly changes his thinking.”

Milton H. Erickson to Jeffrey Zeig, December 3, 1973

The Erickson Congress is a tradition that has advanced the practice of psychotherapy globally. Erickson and his students have been tireless innovators who have developed strategic therapy, interactional therapy, NLP, mind-body approaches, family therapy, solution-focused therapy, possibility therapy, hypnotherapy, self-relations therapy and others.
Erickson Genealogy