Anita Jung, MS


Licensed professional counselor, lecturer, trainer, and business consultant Anita Jung grew up with a strong, imaginative and musical influence from her parents among the forest of Bavaria. She now made her home in Central Texas from where she travels internationally to teach workshops in Hypnosis and Brief Psychotherapy. The author of seven hypnotherapeutic CDS in English and German, Anita holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. She brings a wealth of experience to her lectures and workshops.

An Approved Consultant and President Elect at American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and the President of the Central Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis, she is one of the few clinicians to take her perspectives on creativity into the field of hypnosis and psychotherapy. She brings a unique and important contribution to our understanding of the awakening of a natural process of growth and healing, particularly through her unique utilization of music as a co-therapist in therapeutic settings.

Anita has served as a faculty member for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, the International Society of Hypnosis, the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, the Central Texas Society of Clinical Hypnosis (CTSCH), the Milton Erickson Gesellschaft-Rottweil, and the Texas Network of Youth Services.