Giovanna Celia, PhD


Psychologist, psychotherapist, PhD, senior supervisor, President of Italian Society of Integrated Strategic Psychotherapy, President of the Scientific Committee of the Scupsis Post-graduate School in Psychotherapy of Rome, (Italy) author of numerous publications. Director of Studies of the International Centre of Psychology and Strategic Psychotherapy (CIPPS) -the first European center dedicated to the integration of the strategic model developed by M.H. Erickson with the innovative studies on psychosocial genomics carried out by Professor E.L. Rossi – that is recognized and qualified by MIUR (Ministry of the University and the Scientific Research). Director of the journal “Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy today”. As student of E.L. Rossi, Giovanna Celia has been trained directly by him at the MHEICCC in the fields of clinical, research and training.She is also a member of the International Psychosocial Genomic Team, developing a particularly innovative branch of research on patient’s narratives in relation to gene expression profiles. Currently, Giovanna Celia is carrying out research, clinical and training activities both in the field of strategic psychotherapy with a neuroscientific approach and in the field group dynamics from a strategic perspective at the MHEICCC, the CIPPS the University of Salerno and the Scupsis Post-graduate School in Psychotherapy of Rome.