Joanne Ginter, MA Psych


Joanne Ginter is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta Canada with over 35 years of direct clinical experience working with adults, children and families in a variety of counselling and school settings. She holds two graduate degrees, Psychology and Religious Studies. Joanne is actively committed to training through the development and facilitation of workshops and through the supervision of staff, residents and students in training. In addition to her clinical work, Joanne is a part-time faculty at CityUSeattle, Calgary campus, teaching on culture and diversity, brief therapy methods, trauma and case conceptualization and ethics for practicum placements. Joanne is a member of the Canadian Psychologist’s Association and an Associate Member of the American Psychologist’s Association. She is currently promoting her workshop on developing intercultural resiliency and her book The Fifth Position: A Guide for Developing Intercultural Resiliency and Pluralism.