Dr. Norma Barretta, MA, PhD


Dr. Norma Barretta studied personally with Milton Erickson and has been teaching the use of hypnosis, neurolinguistics, and the power of language since 1975. A pioneer in paradigm shifting trends of psychotherapy, Norma is a teacher and advocate of Brief Therapy. She has assisted in several surgeries, keeping patients in trance while they have a surgical procedure without anesthesia.

She is a partner in the Madrid-Los Angeles Erickson Institute and is frequently a faculty member for the Erickson Foundation Congresses. She currently teaches in Spain, Poland, Italy and for the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She is the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She has recently been learning about the healing power of sound from her daughter Jolie Barretta, and is now using sound to deepen and enhance trance state with some of her private patients. She has taught for the International Society of Hypnosis and the European Society of Hypnosis.

Jolie Barretta grew up in the Barretta household where she was the subject of early experimentation in different methods of trance induction by her parents Philip and Norma Barretta. Later, she was the demonstration subject for a seminar in Rome, Italy, where she was prepared for the surgical removal of 4 impacted wisdom teeth, which were extracted without anesthesia.

After studying at California State University and the University of Florence in Italy, she coached the U.S. National Gymnastics Team working with 8 Olympic athletes, including the gold medal winning men’s team of 1984 at the Olympic games in Los Angeles.

She wrote “Body Alignment” in 1985 (Burgess Publishing) and taught seminars at several U.S. Olympic training centers for Olympic level athletes in several sports.

12 years ago she began research and development in the field of Sound Healing and began practicing Cymatic Design in 2012. She currently has a private practice in California where she offers Sound Sessions in her studio. She presents seminars on Cymatics in Europe and has presented at the Globe Sound Conference in the United States.

Jolie is fluent in English, Italian, French, and Spanish.



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