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Presented by Steven Frankel, PhD, JD
Wednesday, December 9
8-12PM: PART 1
1:15-3:15PM: PART 2


This 6-hour program addresses the profound changes that are taking place in the health system in the U.S., the implications for mental health care, and, in turn, the implications for mental health care providers. We begin with a discussion of the role of the insurance industry in health care and how that role has expanded over the past 50-60 years, affecting the licensure and practices of mental health professionals. From there, we move to the current changes themselves, including:

● the Affordable Health Care Act ● Accountable Care Organizations
● Current Procedural Terminology ● DSM vs. ICD
● Electronic Health Care Records ● HIPAA Changes

Also covered are insurance panels for independent practitioners, the Parity Law, “Professional Wills,” alternatives to licensed mental health practice, and licensing board action summaries.

Continues on themes from Part 1 on awareness and management of risk factors in the major areas of high-risk practice.

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Help preserve the Erickson Home Museum, by registering for the 2015 Congressional Fundraiser, which will be held Wednesday, IMG_4027December 9, 2015, the day before the Congress begins. A full-day of training at the Hyatt Hotel will be followed by a reception at the home of Milton Erickson. The $99 registration fee will entitle attendees to a full day of training and a personal invitation to the home of Milton Erickson, which has been transformed into a museum. This unique experience will be hosted by Roxanne Erickson-Klein and Dan Short. The doors will be open from 6PM to 8PM. Each person will be responsible for arranging his or her own transportation to this memorable event.

Schedule of Events:

4e81b875d51a43051c2315ab1dc0c876_short-e1427139977650-350-180-cWednesday 9-12PM: Dan Short, PhD56a81ed2ec91ef3352eba7382d062a5f_erickson-klein-350-180-c
SE-01 – Transformational Hypnosis: Using the Unconscious to Turn Problems into Opportunity

Wednesday 1-4PM: Roxanne Erickson-Klein, PhD, RN
SE-02 – Going Deep: Using the Individual Personality of the Therapist to Enrich Hypnosis

Wednesday 6-8PM: Reception at the Museum


Address to the reception at the museum:
Erickson Museum
1201 E Hayward Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85020